Boady Repair
Product Name Description TDS
Teroson Zinc Spray Anti-corrosion coating for vehicle body repair and maintenance.
It is electrically conductive (wet and dry).
It is not painted over.
It is used as a corrosion protection between welding surfaces during MIG and spot welding. It is used in vehicle body repairs for the purpose of galvanizing welding points and especially the joints of parts that will not be painted and originally galvanized.
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Loctite 7800 Çinko - Alüminyum Sprey Provides excellent cathodic corrosion protection on ferrous metals. Provides protection by restoring worn or treated parts on galvanized parts. Applications: Retouching metal parts after welding, long-term preservation of metal assemblies. Request Form
Terotex 2000 HS Permanent elastic protection against corrosion.
Ideal for underbody repairs, especially for protection against stone chips.
Primer for coating painted parts or surface-cleaned metals.
Protects any underbody coating applied at the OEM. Compatible with existing PVC and rubber/resin-based protective coatings.
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Terotex Record 2000 Aqua – Water-based Underbody Coating Does not contain VOCs, does not smell of solvents.
It does not crack in the cold.
Compatible with most surfaces and OEM coatings.
Very high solids content.
Authentic repair of applied OEM coatings for permanent vehicle underbody protection.
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Terotex Super 3000 Covering of replacement parts such as bumpers or mudguards for noise reduction.
Compatible with standard OEM paints.
Patterned coating can be applied.
It creates a surface compatible with the OEM output. For wear-resistant coating of visible auto parts requiring fast painting. For patterned bumpers and side panels.
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Loctite 3090 LOCTITE® 3090 is a 2-component, fast-curing, gap-filling adhesive with excellent bonding properties, making it suitable for a variety of substrates including plastic, rubber and metal. It is designed for assembly of parts with various or uncertain bonding gaps up to 5 mm or for applications where complete curing of excess adhesive is required. Request Form