BONDERITE duaLCys Process
Product Name Description TDS
BONDERITE L-MR 21466 (Cutting Fluid) Suitable for most substrates, including steel, stainless, cast iron and aluminum Stable and low foaming in the most common water ources Works in combination with BONDERITE C-NE 10466.

• Fine dispersed coolant
• High lubricity
• Bactericide free
• Boron free
• Excellent corrosion protection
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BONDERITE C-NE 10466 (Neutral Cleaner) Can be applied at room temperature. Can be applied by spraying, high or low pressure or by dipping. Compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous alloys to provide in-process corrosion protection. Water based neutral cleaner, High cleaning performance at low temperature, No foaming in most common water hardnesses, Excellent corrosion protection. Request Form