Product Name Description TDS
BONDERITE M-CR 1200S (ALODINE 1200S) It complies with MIL-C-5541 B and MIL-C81706 norms. It is a powder product that forms yellow chromate on the aluminum surface by dipping, spraying and brushing methods. Request Form
BONDERITE M-CR C-6100 (ALODINE C 6100) Request Form
BONDERITE M-CR C-7100 (ALODINE C 7100/7100-1) It is a Cr+6 chromating product. It forms a chromate layer from light yellow to brass yellow in aluminum alloys when added to water. Request Form
BONDERITE M-NT 4830 (ALODINE 4830/4831) It is a product used for surface passivation of aluminum and aluminum alloys, providing transparent coating in dipping and spraying systems. Request Form
BONDERITE M-NT 401 (ALODINE 401/45) It is a chromating product consisting of Cr+3 phosphate that colors aluminum and its alloys from mottled to dark green and works without electricity. Request Form
ALODINE 1500 Request Form
ALODINE 2000 Request Form