Product Name Description TDS
Brake, Pad, Coupling Cleaner Cleans and removes oil from brake, clutch and transmission parts.
It is fast and effective.
Removes adhesive and sealant residues.
It leaves no residue.
It is applied to remove oil, adhesive and sealant residues on brake, clutch and transmission flanges and from the engine and carburetor, and hardened lubricants from hinges and connections.
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Loctite® 7063 - Cleaner and Degreaser Loctite is a general purpose product used for cleaning surfaces and removing oil prior to adhesive product applications.
It evaporates quickly.
It leaves no residue.
Removes all kinds of oil, grease and dirt. Ideal for use before bonding and sealing applications.
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Loctite® 7840 - Water Based Cleaner and Degreaser Multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser.
It can be diluted with water from 1:4 to 1:288. (Application dependent)
It can be applied using high pressure cleaning machines.
It is biodegradable.
Used for cleaning parts, engine cleaning, workshop floor and walls before repair work.
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Loctite® 7200 Seal Remover Removes dried gaskets and sealing residues, dried oil, tar, carbon deposits and paints.
Easy removal prevents damage to parts.
Softens cured sealants and gasket residues in 10-15 minutes.
It reduces the need for sanding.
Engine, transmission, carburetor, circulation and fuel pumps, rear axle, etc. Recommended for metal sealing faces on
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Loctite® 7100 - Leak Detector Especially in gas or pneumatic installations, it provides easy detection of suspected leaks other than pure oxygen.
It is a liquid-based product and starts to form bubbles where there is a leak.
Pipe connection, leak detection, tightness check after repair.
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Loctite® 7039 - Contact Cleaner It is used for cleaning electrical connections.
Does not affect insulating varnishes.
Removes moisture or other contamination.
Does not contain silicone.
For cleaning connections, relays, fuses and terminals.
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Loctite® 7010 - Multi-Purpose Workshop Cleaner Multi-purpose liquid cleaner for industrial machine and workshop cleaning.
For general cleaning of light dirt.
It's fragrant.
It is biodegradable, does not contain solvents, does not carry a safety warning.
Apply sufficient amount of material on the surface to be cleaned. Spread the products on the surface by pressing - rubbing.
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Loctite® 7012 - Immersion Cleaning General purpose cleaner and degreaser for heavy soiling.
For pressure or non-pressure cleaning of all mechanical parts.
It is also suitable for synthetic surfaces, rubber and painted surfaces.
Excellent penetration on dirty surface and easy removal of grease.
It can be applied by manual, spray and dipping methods.
Does not contain solvent.
It can be applied at room temperature with a cloth or brush, in the form of spray or by foaming machine or dipping method.

Manual (2-10%), brush (2-5%), high-pressure equipment (1-2% at the nozzle), foam machine (20-50%), in the immersion tank (10-20%), in the washing table (10-30%).
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Loctite® 7013 - Industrial Cleaner Water-soluble cleaner for mechanical parts and cleaning tables. Excellent penetration and dissolution of all types of contamination. Provides temporary rust protection. Low dermatological risk. Does not contain solvent. Applications: Loctite® 7013 is used undiluted. Apply sufficient amount of product using a brush or hand shower. Request Form
Loctite® 7023 - Gas Butterfly Cleaner It quickly dissolves resin, oil and varnish residues. Solvent Based. Request Form
Loctite® 7018 - High Pressure Cleaner Effective tough dirt cleaner for mechanical parts.
Suitable for high pressure applications.
Good foaming properties and temporary corrosion protection.
Removal of dirt, oil and grease from washable surfaces.
Solvent free, biodegradable.
It can be applied with spray equipment or foaming machine.

Study Concentrations:
High Pressure Applications: 0.5-2%.
Manual or Foam Cleaning: 20-50%.
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Loctite® 7860 - Low Foaming Floor Cleaner Neutral, low foaming, perfumed floor cleaner for daily cleaning of sensitive floors.
Protective and dirt-repellent properties.
Ideal for use in floor cleaning equipment.
It can also be used in manual applications. Solvent-free.
When Loctite® 7860 is applied at the recommended working concentration, it removes heavy oil, dirt and other residues. On heavily soiled floors: 10% solution.

On Medium Soiled Floors: 5% solution.
Manual Wiping: 2.5% solution.
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Loctite® 7862 - Graffiti and Text Remover The mild thixotropic product has been developed to remove graffiti and writing from smooth and non-absorbent surfaces.
Very effective on almost any type of graffiti.
Especially effective on spray paints containing bitumen.
It can be used on vertical surfaces.
It does not contain a security warning.
It can be used manually (with a brush or sponge) or with the airless spray system. After 5-10 minutes of application, dissolved paint residues should be removed from the surface manually.
Rinsing with Loctite® 7012 should be done to completely clean the surface. (Usage Concentration: 3-5% aqueous solution) If there is still strong dirt on the surface, repeat the application.
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LOCTITE 194500 LOCTITE® SF 194500 is a green, thin, solvent-free, reactive methacrylate monomer-based, liquid organocopper primer compound for use with LOCTITE anaerobic adhesives and sealants where difficult-to-bond applications such as galvanized steel or zinc electroplated surfaces. Request Form
LOCTITE DRI MICROCAPS P2 Small microcapsules are perfect for fasteners of all sizes, especially fine threads. Request Form
LOCTITE FREKOTE PMC LOCTITE® FREKOTE PMC is a post cleaner with a special solvent blend designed to dissolve and remove wax from polyester molds without matting the surface. It can be used for cleaning brushes and equipment as well as epoxy and metal mold surfaces. Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7023 Carburetor cleaner. Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7039 Contact cleaning spray. Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7061 The surface cleaner is only suitable for metals. Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7063 Surface cleaner, general purpose. Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7100 Detection spray for compressed gas and compressed air leaks. Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7200 Seal remover spray. (Solvent based) Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7800 Anti-corrosion zinc spray. Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7803 Anti-corrosion wet film. Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7840 Water-based degreaser surface cleaner. Request Form
Hand Cleaner.
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LOCTITE LB 8005 Belt care spray. Request Form
TEROSON VR 190 Brake pad cleaner. Request Form
TEROSON VR 620 Rubber care spray. Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7850 Natural hand cleaner with pumice stone. Request Form