Galvanized Degreasing and Cleaning
Product Name Description TDS
BONDERITE C-IC HDG 20A (RIDOLINE HDG 20A) It is an acidic product containing inhibitor, specially formulated for cleaning iron and derivative materials at ambient temperature in hot galvanizing and zinc coating factories. Request Form
BONDERITE C-AK 1563 BONDERITE® C-AK 1563 is an alkaline polyacrylate and phosphate based liquid cleaner designed for steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. This product is ideal for metal pre-treatment processes and can be applied by both spray and immersion processes. Request Form
Teroson Bottom Coating Spray Suitable for correction of small isolated areas and local touch-ups after accident repairs
It is used for coating painted and/or primed parts.
To remove damage such as scratches, stone marks.
It protects all kinds of underbody coating applied by the factory. Compatible with existing PVC and rubber/resin-based protective coatings.
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