Product Name Description TDS
BONDERITE L-GP OILDAG A highly stable colloidal graphite dispersion in oil. Specifically formulated for applications which approach boundary lubrication conditions. Improves anti-wear, extreme pressure, and high temperature capabilities of industrial oils Request Form
BONDERITE S-AD 1275 Extremely stable suspension of colloidal graphite in refined oil. Formulated to reduce friction and wear while preventing metal-to-metal contact and surface scuffing. Robust chemical and base oil compatibility. Extends equipment life. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP 2404 High quality lubricant additive consisting of superfine graphite in mineral spirits. It is particularly successful as a penetrant and forms a solidlubricating film over the entire surface as the carrier vaporizes. Low residue formation when diluted with quality diluent. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP 154 A specially processed colloidal graphite in alcohol dispersion. Adheres tenaciously to most substrates with minimum surface preparation. Thin-filmproperties, coupled with high lubricity, provide clean, long-wearing lubrication. Effective for aerosol applications. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP AQUADAG The industry benchmark for graphite/water dispersion technology and performance. Excellent film forming properties on a wide variety of substrates.Permits higher dilution ratios compared to competitive alternatives, thus providing efficient product use. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP OD BONDERITE® L-GP OD EU ACHESON is a dispersion of ultra-fine graphite particles in solvent-refined mineral oil. The product increases the load-carrying capacity of mineral oils and reduces wear in the conditions of boundary lubricant. Request Form