Metal Forming Products
Product Name Description TDS
BONDERITE L-FM 7160 It is a synthetic water-based deep drawing oil formulated for use on uncoated steel and aluminum. It is not designed for the removal of cobalt from carbide machine tools. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM 7161 Water miscible deep drawing oil formulated for use in uncoated steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM 95-7 It is a product that is used in difficult operations such as press cutting, deep drawing, and shaping and contains components with high lubricating effect, corrosion resistance, and cleaning ability. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM 202 It is a product used for deep drawing and shaping in presses. Thanks to the special components it contains, it gives the desired lubrication and high sliding effect in the system. It prevents oxidation by forming a thin film layer on the part surface. Request Form
BONDERITE L-MR 62/5 It is mineral oil and nitrite-free cooling and cutting fluid used in the metal industry, pipe industry, cast iron, and steel materials processing. Multan 62/5 TR provides long-term stable operation by providing lubrication and protection against rust with the special chemicals in its structure. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM L Magnus L 67 It is a liquid, colorless and odorless lubricant containing mineral oil, hydrocarbons, and fatty acid esters. It is used for cutting, forming, and light process pressing on the aluminum, copper, brass plate, galvanized, and tin-plated steel. It can be used as a lubricant for packaging production in the food industry. It is preferred in the neck bending operation of the beverage can. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM 170 BONDERITE® L-FM 170 ACHESON (GRACOVER 170) is a graphited grease lubricant developed to combine exceptional cleanliness and brilliance with very good loading properties, under very severe temperature and speed conditions. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM 51SC Oil-based, graphited grease lubricant specially formulated for swabbing neck rings in the manufacture of glass containers. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM CL 700 Based on graphite and epoxy resin BONDERITE L-FM CL 700 ACHESON is supplied in a flexible twinpack which gives additional benefits of accuracy, economy and safety. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM FL 735 Water-based polymeric lubricants, specifically developed to reduce the number of steps required during metal pretreatment. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM L67 BONDERITE® L-FM L67 is a colorless, virtually odorless, organic lubricating oil for blanking, forming and stamping. It will evaporate to dryness in one hour leaving an indistinguishable, light stearate soap film on the metal surface. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM T 1124 Non-water miscible, pasty lubricant used to facilitate standard and heavy stamping of high thickness steel. Request Form
BONDERITE L-FM T 5 Synthetic lubricant suitable for light machining to tube forming. Request Form
BONDERITE® L-FG F-54 Synthetic water-based die lubricant for hot forging on presses, hammers & upsetters. Request Form