Pipe Sealant
Product Name Description TDS
Loctite® 577 Medium Strength General purpose liquid thread sealant for metal threads.
Only suitable for metal gears.
Provides instant low pressure sealing.
Resistant to fuel, oil, coolants and hydraulic fluids.
It fixes the connection against loosening caused by vibration.
Ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic circuits. It is used in place of flax, pastes and PTFE tapes.
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Loctite® 641 Medium Strength The gap in the pipe is up to 0.25 mm.
It is used to fix the bearings on the shaft or in its seat.
It allows the parts to be disassembled later.
Fixing all kinds of bearings and bushings
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Loctite® 648 High Strength Thread up to 0.15 mm
For high strength assemblies.
Fills gaps in repaired parts.
It seals the connections and prevents corrosion due to friction.
It is difficult to disassemble with standard tools.
Tight fit of splined shafts, bearings, steering system elements, shift gears and all cylindrical parts (eg liners, bushings and inserts).
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Loctite® 638 High Strength Backlash in diameter up to 0.25 mm
When it is trapped between metal surfaces and its contact with air is cut off, it starts to cure and provides very high strength adhesion.
It is used in cylindrical tight fit applications.
Fixing bushings and sleeves to their bearings or shaft.
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LOCTITE 97009 Integrated semi-automatic application systems. Request Form
LOCTITE 601 Suitable for high-strength press-fit products. Request Form
LOCTITE SI 5331 PVC etc. Suitable for plastic gears. Request Form
LOCTITE 55 Silicone impregnated sealing thread. Provides instant full pressure sealing without curing. Suitable for drinking water and natural gas connections. It has DVGW, WRC, BS 6920 KTW and GAZMER approvals. Request Form
LOCTITE 648 LOCTITE® 648 is a green, fluorescent, low viscosity, high strength, urethane methacrylate acrylic anaerobic sealant designed for bonding cylindrical assemblies. Request Form
LOCTITE 641 LOCTITE® 641 is designed for bonding cylindrical fasteners, especially if disassembly is required for maintenance operations. When the product is left without air between tight-fitting metal surfaces, it cures and prevents loosening and leaks due to shock and vibration. Request Form
LOCTITE 638 LOCTITE® 638 is designed for bonding cylindrical parts, especially where bonding gaps can approach 0.25 mm. The product cures when there is no air between tightly fitting metal surfaces, preventing loosening and leaks due to shock and vibration. Request Form
LOCTITE 620 LOCTITE ® 620 is a snap-in compound designed for bonding cylindrical assemblies. The product can be cured without air between tight metal surfaces and prevents loosening and leaks due to shock and vibration. Request Form
LOCTITE 603 LOCTITE ® 603 is a high strength shrink fit compound. It is designed for bonding cylindrical fittings, especially for sintered bearings and where permanently clean surfaces cannot be assured. Request Form
LOCTITE 577 LOCTITE® 577 is designed to lock and seal metal pipes and fittings, as well as other threaded assemblies. The product provides fast, low pressure sealing on metal pipes and fittings. Does not slip, shrink or shrink. Request Form
LOCTITE 572 TTL LOCTITE® 572 is a white to off-white, medium strength, methacrylate-based, threaded sealant for metal pipes and fittings. Suitable for coarse gears, it provides a breaking torque of 7 Nm. Request Form
LOCTITE 542 LOCTITE® 542 is designed to lock and seal metal pipes and fittings, as well as other cylindrical metal assemblies. Request Form
LOCTITE 510 LOCTITE® 510 is a high temperature resistant anaerobic sealant that hardens in the absence of air between tightly fitting metal surfaces. Typical applications include sealing rigid flange surfaces in transmission and engine housings. Request Form
LOCTITE 121078 LOCTITE® 121078, with its high viscosity, max. It is a green colored tight fit component that is a good option where the diameter opening is 0.25 mm. It is a high strength product for applications requiring permanent adhesion and good heat resistance. Request Form
Loctite® 660 High Strength OEM Silver – paste, Diameter up to 0.5 mm (with activator).
For easy repair of worn shafts, bushings and bearings.
Prevents corrosion of joined surfaces.
It is particularly suitable for filling large gaps.
Ideal for repairing worn parallel wedges, splines and tapers.
Filling gaps between worn metal parts such as shafts, housings, bearings, bushing, drive assemblies (e.g. camshaft, clutch, flywheel and crankshafts).
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LOCTITE 97121 Pinch valve applicator - perfectly compatible with all LOCTITE products, including cyanoacrylates. Request Form
TEROSON ET AIR GUN Application gun for sausage packaging. Request Form