Plastic Repa
Product Name Description TDS
Terokal 9225 - Plastik Yapıştırıcı Request Form
Terokal 9225 SF - Plastik Yapıştırıcı Hızlı Request Form
Terokal 150 - Primer Perfect base coat.
Evaporation time is very short.
Plastic Repair Kit and Terokal 9225, 9225 SF are used before Teroson Plastik sealant and paint. It allows easy and perfect application.
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Teroson FL - Universal Cleaner It can be used before and after any bonding or sealing operation on all surfaces.
Use Teroson FL to repair plastic, glass or metal parts.
Cleaning properties are very good.
Solvent evaporates extremely quickly.
Teroson FL is also a diluent for many Teroson products such as underbody coatings, plastic repair adhesives, glass bonding products.
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Teroson Plastic Repair Kit Contents:
3 x 2 x 25 ml Terokal 9225
9 static mixers
150 ml spray Terokal 150
1000 ml canister Teroson FL
1 support cloth
1 Teromix pistol
Application instructions
Bumper, spoiler, apron etc.
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Teroson Plastic Sealant It does not shrink, has very good sag strength.
It can be sanded after only 15 minutes.
For ideal adhesion to different types of plastics.
For damage such as scratches and stone chips. For touch-ups after plastic repair in combination with Terokal 150.
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Loctite DRI MICROCAPS P3 Low viscosity sealant that will provide "continuous" torque. Works on all types of coatings and most plastics. Request Form