Product Name Description TDS
BONDERITE S-AD 1614 A very fine PTFE in mineral oil dispersion. Exceptionally stable and translucent in color. Compatible with a wide range of base oils. Demonstrates significant reduction of friction and improves the extreme pressure, load carrying, and anti-wear properties of lubricants, resulting in energy avings,extended life, smoother operation, and reduced maintenance costs of the object being lubricated. Request Form
BONDERITE S-FN 309 Colloidal PTFE dispersion in alcohol. Fast drying at room temperature, providing excellent adhesion to most surfaces. Provides longer wear life compared to pure PTFE coatings. Strong chemical and propellant compatibility. Provides lifetime lubrication in many applications. Effective for aerosol applications. Request Form
BONDERITE S-FN 7400 BONDERITE® S-FN 7400 is an aqueous industrial cleaner based on organic components which provides temporary corrosion protection. It is used for passivation of steel and cast iron for subsequent storage in closed warehouses. Request Form