Special Purpose Products
Product Name Description TDS
LOCTITE AA 3035 Ideal for hard-to-stick surfaces such as PP / PE when you need an additional primer application. Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7414 Request Form
LOCTITE SF 7900 Ceramic protective coating spray for welding work. Request Form
LOCTITE SI 5075 Silicone sealing and insulating tape, red, resistant up to -54 + 260 degrees. Request Form
TEROSON MS 9220 Request Form
TEROSON VR 5000 Spray contact adhesive. Request Form
TEROSON PU 6700 2 Component Polyurethane based adhesive. Request Form
TEROSON PU 6700 GUN TEROSON PU 6700 application gun. Request Form
TEROSON SF 7500 Converts existing rust into a stable layer. The cured product acts as a ready-to-paint primer. Protects surfaces against corrosion. Metal pipes, valves, storage tanks, conveyors and agricultural equipment etc. can also be used. Request Form
TEROSON ET QUAD ST MIX SMALL Static mixer 50 ml. Request Form