Structural Bonding – Epoxies
Product Name Description TDS
Terokal 5055 - Panel Adhesive Excellent bonding strength.
Adheres and seals in a single application without primer.
Solvent-free high performance adhesive for ceiling and panel (aluminum, steel and SMC) bonding. Application can only be done with Powerline II or Electraflow gun. Easy to apply with universal cartridge and static mixer
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Terocore® 1401 - Body Booster It is suitable for strengthening weak body parts.
Reinforces hollow structures and large surfaces.
Low density foam provides great weight savings.
High strength reinforcing foam used to provide structural strength in vehicle bodies. Complies with OEM repair methods. Application can only be done with Powerline II or Electraflow gun. It is easy to apply with universal cartridge and static mixer.
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Loctite® 3430 - Fast Epoxy For general purpose applications. It can cure at low temperatures and thick applications. It is water resistant and impact resistant. It can be painted over. Its temperature resistance is between -40°C and +120°C. Applications: It bonds a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials (eg metal, marble, ceramic, glass, stone, wood, concrete, plastic). Request Form
Teroson Double Sided Tape Adhesive Tape on Both Surfaces
Excellent adhesion to metal, glass, painted surfaces and many plastics.
It is weather resistant.
It is resistant to sunlight.
It is water resistant.
It can be used to stick brand, model inscriptions and protective strips on vehicles.
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Loctite® 3463 - Metal MagicTM Stick Kneadable epoxy adhesive. Adheres to damp surfaces and hardens even under water. It is resistant to abrasion and most chemicals. Steel filled product. Applications: Ideal for emergency repairs that need to be done quickly but last a long time. It can be drilled, sandblasted, painted after hardening. It repairs minor cracks in the frame, suitable for rebuilding damaged threaded holes. Request Form
Loctite 962 LOCTITE® 962 is a red, opaque, high strength, fluorescent, thixotropic, methacrylate ester acrylic adhesive designed for sealing core plugs. Typical applications include sealing and securing cylindrical metal assemblies, Eg. engine block cup and hub plugs, water pump seals, and hub and shaft assemblies. Request Form
Loctite AA 330/7388 LOCTITE ® AA 330 / LOCTITE ® SF 7388 kit consists of 2 parts: slightly cloudy, colorless, pale yellow, general purpose, urethane methacrylate ester acrylic adhesive and heptane/isopropanol based activator. They are used together to bond metal, wood, ferrite, ceramic and plastic materials. Request Form
Loctite AA 3963 LOCTITE AA 3963 is a clear, low-viscosity adhesive that offers fast and non-sticky LED curing and is designed for applications that require fast curing and tough adhesion. Request Form
Loctite AA H3300 LOCTITE® AA H3300 A highly thixotropic, 2-part, room temperature-curing methacrylate adhesive system that provides fixation strength in 6-12 minutes. It forms flexible bonds and maintains its strength over a wide temperature range. Request Form
Loctite AA V5004 LOCTITE® AA V5004™ is a structural acrylic adhesive that provides durability and excellent adhesion to plastics, metals and composites. The cured product is nearly transparent, making it well-suited for bonding applications that require clear, invisible glue lines. LOCTITE® AA V5004™ has very high shear strength and resistance to peeling, fatigue and impact loads. This product will adhere to a wide variety of substrates including most structural thermoplastics, thermosets, FRP, stone, ceramics, steel and aluminum. LOCTITE® AA V5004™ is useful for joining different materials. Request Form
Loctite AA3295 LOCTITE® AA 3295 is a 2-component, green, general purpose structural bonding premix fluid suitable for bonding metals, ceramics and plastics. It has good impact resistance and an operating temperature range of up to +120°C. Shear strength is 25 N/mm² and setting time is 5-10 minutes. Does not require activator. Request Form
Loctite DRI 2040 LOCTITE® DRI 2040 is a general purpose medium to high strength pre-applied threadlocking adhesive. Once cured, this product will also act as a thread sealant. Request Form
Loctite EA 3430 LOCTITE EA 3430 is a five minute - 2-part epoxy adhesive that creates an optically clear bond line. The product is water resistant as well as developing high strength on a variety of surfaces. This adhesive is a general purpose adhesive and is ideal for many DIY applications. Request Form
Loctite EA 3475 LOCTITE® EA 3475 is a 2-component, aluminum-filled epoxy adhesive suitable for repairing and restoring worn and damaged machinery, repairing and replacing worn parts such as shafts, housings, keyways and flanges, as well as broken or damaged parts. Request Form
Loctite EA 9492 LOCTITE® EA 9492 is a high temperature resistant two component epoxy adhesive. Its viscosity is lower than Hysol 9491, but it has the high performance of Hysol 9491. It is a general purpose adhesive used for repairing and bonding a wide variety of materials. Request Form
Loctite EA 9497 LOCTITE® EA 9497™ is a medium viscosity, two-component, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive that bonds a wide variety of materials, making it suitable as a general purpose adhesive. LOCTITE® EA 9497™ is ideal for heat dissipation applications such as bonding sheet metal for high heat transfer and coating electrical components. Request Form
Loctite FREKOTE 770-NC LOCTITE® FREKOTE 770NC is a clear, solvent-based, moisture-curing epoxy release agent for advanced compositions and FRP polyester parts. It is a versatile semi-permanent separator with high thermal stability, providing a high shear rate when faced with die geometry problems. Request Form
Loctite FREKOTE B15 LOCTITE® FREKOTE® B15 is a clear, colorless, solvent-based polymer mold sealer specially formulated for composite and metal molds with microporosity issues, minor surface scratches or defects. When used with other FREKOTE products, it provides an excellent base coat that enhances the separation benefits offered. Request Form
Loctite EA 3421 Moisture resistant, high strength, long working time epoxy. Request Form
Loctite EA 3422 High strength fast drying epoxy. Request Form
Loctite EA 3425 High viscosity reinforced, glass fiber reinforced, ideal for bonding plastics and metals. Request Form
Loctite EA 3450 Structural adhesive, 2-component epoxy. Fast curing, ideal for metal repair. Request Form
Loctite EA 3463 Magic steel rod, potable water approved, steel powder filled epoxy. Request Form
Loctite EA 3471 Steel filled putty - Metal set ST 1. Request Form
Loctite EA 3472 Steel filled liquid - Metal set ST 2. Request Form
Loctite EA 3473 Steel-filled putty has the ability to dry in 5 minutes - Metal ST3. Request Form
Loctite EA 3474 Mineral filled putty is resistant to friction wear - Metal Set M. Request Form
Loctite EA 3478 Ferro Silicone filled shaft repair paste. Request Form
Loctite EA 9450 Epoxy, which has the ability to stick on vertical surfaces without sagging, dries in 5 minutes. Request Form
Loctite EA 9466 Medium viscosity, reinforced, long working time epoxy. Request Form
Loctite EA 9483 Ultra clear, general purpose liquid epoxy. Request Form
Loctite 96001 Dual cartridge manual epoxy application equipment 1:1, 2:1. Suitable for 50 ml products. Request Form